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His machine did not use a condenser or reflector, but used a oxyhydrogen lamp close to the object in order to project huge clear images. This popularity waned after the introduction of cinema in the s.

A common type of rotating device that is closely related does not really involve light and shadows, but it simply uses candles and an impeller to rotate a platform with tiny wooden figurines. It needed bright sunlight as a light source to project a clear magnified image of transparent objects.

In France similar lanterns were known as "lanterne vive" bright or living lantern in Medieval times and "lanterne tournante" since the 18th century. The cylinder could be made of paper or of sheet metal perforated with decorative patterns.

The camera obscura device would mostly live on as a drawing aid in the form of tents and boxes and was adapted into the photographic camera in the first decades of the 19th century. History[ edit ] There probably existed quite a few other types of projectors than the examples described below, but evidence is scarce and reports are often unclear about their nature.

It could project a clear image of opaque images and small objects. Helioscope[ edit ] Scheiner's helioscope as illustrated in his book Rosa Ursina sive Sol In Italian mathematician Benedetto Castelli wrote to his mentor, the Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher and mathematician Galileo Galilei about projecting images of the sun through a telescope invented in to study the recently discovered sunspots.

The first overhead projector was used for police identification work. Kircher was often credited as the inventor of the magic lantern, although in his edition of Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae Kircher himself credited Danish mathematician Thomas Rasmussen Walgensten for the magic lantern, which Kircher saw as a further development of his own projection system.

Shadow play usually does not involve a projection device, but can be seen as a first step in the development of projectors.

A more common version had the figures, usually representing grotesque or devilish creatures, painted on a transparent strip. Pythagoras would have often performed this trick. Galilei wrote about Castelli's technique to the German Jesuit priest, physicist and astronomer Christoph Scheiner.

The magic lantern remained a common medium until slide projectors came into widespread use during the s. The magic lantern became a very popular medium for entertainment and educational purposes in the 18th and 19th century. The use of a lens in the opening of a wall or closed window shutter of a darkened room has been traced back to circa Mozi correctly asserted that the camera obscura image is inverted because light travels in straight lines from its source.

An early variation was described in by Jean Prevost in his small octavo book La Premiere partie des subtiles et plaisantes inventions. According to Prevost barbers were skilled in this art and it was common to see these night lanterns in their shop windows.

Chinese magic mirrors[ edit ] The oldest known objects that can project images are Chinese magic mirrors. The mirrors were cast in bronze with a pattern embossed at the back and a mercury amalgam laid over the polished front. He called these "Heliotropii Telioscopici", later contracted to helioscope.

It used a cellophane roll over a 9-inch stage allowing facial characteristics to be rolled across the stage. In a letter he described the many marvelous transformations he performed and the apparitions that he summoned by the means of his new invention based on optics.

He used it for his lectures.

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The silhouettes are projected on the thin paper sides of the lantern and appear to chase each other. It included giants that rose from the earth and moved all their limbs very lifelike.

The strip was rotated inside a cylinder by a tin impeller above a candle. Army in was the first to use it in quantity for training as World War II wound down. Camera obscura[ edit ] Principle of camera obscura: The lantern seems to simply have the light of an oil lamp or candle go through a transparent cylindrical case on which the figure is drawn to project the larger image, so it probably couldn't project an image as clearly defined as Fontana's drawing suggests.

Joseph Needham sums up some possible projection examples from China in his book series Science and Civilization in China [1] Prehistory to CE[ edit ] Main article: Magic lantern By Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens had developed the magic lantern, which used a concave mirror to reflect and direct as much of the light of a lamp as possible through a small sheet of glass on which was the image to be projected, and onward into a focusing lens at the front of the apparatus to project the image onto a wall or screen Huygens apparatus actually used two additional lenses.

The oldest known record of this principle is a description by Han Chinese philosopher Mozi ca. Projections were often presented or perceived as magic or even as religious experiences, with most projectionists unwilling to share their secrets.

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He did not publish nor publicly demonstrate his invention as he thought it was too frivolous and was ashamed about it. The pattern seen on the back of the mirror is seen in a projection when light is reflected from the polished front onto a wall or other surface.

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