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An important part of the 16th-century history of Finland was growth of the area settled by the farming population.

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Towards the end of the 15th century, however, the situation on the eastern border became more tense. Contact between Sweden and what is now Finland was considerable even during pre-Christian times; the Vikings were known to the Finns due to their participation in both commerce and plundering.

This resulted in the Cudgel War of —, a desperate peasant rebellion, which was suppressed brutally and bloodily. The two Russian occupations had been harsh and were not easily forgotten. As these early Slavic people began to cultivate the land, villages and towns sprang up, protected by wooden citadels, or kremlins, cut from the abundant forest timber.

However, he said that the land extends very much further north; but it is all waste, except that Lapps camp in a few places here and there, hunting in winter and fishing in the sea in summer.

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The term is generally thought to come from Swedish, but some Finnish researchers, such as Kuussaari, claim it has a Finnish origin. Swedish architect Georg Theodor von Chiewitz had a fairly successful career in his home country before arriving in Finland infleeing a prison sentence in Sweden following bankruptcy, and soon established a career for himself, being named county architect for Turku and Pori in The story is told that when Rurik defeated the strongest Slavic settlement, Novgorod, in A.

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During the sixty years, the Hungarians had developed excellent fighting skills, and were therefore able to repulse any threats to their new territory. Cathedral and wooden houses of Old Porvoo.

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Karelians, Veps, Merja, Muroms Then from there he sailed due south, close to the land, for as far as he could sail in five days. It is not fanatical nationalism, as some suggest, to correct history. The Saami moved away from their traditional areas that the Kainuu people now controlled.

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Why did the Slavs prevail instead of the Finno-Ugric people in their own land? The new ones were Swedes. Tavastians, Karelians and Ingerians. Rurikland or Rurinmaa in Finnish For political reasons, the Swedes and Slavs tended and continue to do so to downplay the role of the Finnish related people in the north, as conquerors always do.

Nevertheless he had no more than twenty cattle, and twenty sheep and twenty swine, and the little that he ploughed, he ploughed with horses. Meanwhile, the Finnish areas belonging to Russia after the peace treaties in and not including Ingriacalled "Old Finland" were initially governed with the old Swedish laws a not uncommon practice in the expanding Russian Empire in the 18th century.

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The Medieval stone building tradition in Finland is also preserved in 73 stone churches and 9 stone sacristies added to otherwise originally wood churches. The Finns headed mostly west, and the Hungarians, who had already been traveling south for hundreds of years on horseback, decided to move south en masse already by AD, and west, reaching the Hungarian Carpathian Basin in AD.

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It looks like they made the right decision. And there are very large freshwater lakes throughout the mountains; and the Finns carry their boats overland to the lakes, and make war on the Norwegians from there; they have very small and very light boats.

Archaeologists consider a culture new when its relics are found to have undergone a decisive change in character, but they cannot definitely determine whether the reason for the change was an entirely new population, an alien conquest, or simply a peaceful cultural interchange.

Similar wars were waged in the other Finno-Ugric areas, especially in the Mari Cheremises areas. The Slavs became colonial masters of foreign lands, taking away language, land and culture while raping the land clean of resources.

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